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CC’s is not your typical tavern – we are much more than that! Our customers love our fun & friendly atmosphere and the variety of food, drinks, entertainment are what make us unique in the Auburn area. The food will be sure to leave you completely satisfied, the entertainment will keep you captivated, all while family friendly atmosphere will keep you wanting to come back.



When entering CC’s Tavern you will be welcomed with a friendly smile and the aroma of mouthwatering food. CC’s menu is bold and different from any other local Auburn eatery. It consists of great appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers, grilled flat bread pizzas, fantastic side dishes, a children’s menu and unique desserts that we only serve here. CC’s is serving up food you won’t typically see in the area, but is sure to have something for everyone in the family. Our place is inviting, the atmosphere is incredible, the staff is very approachable and the food is just astounding! We invite you in and we look forward to serving you!




Last Monday, in the throngs of the polar vortex, I called my buddy Rick Martinez (Capt. Jack) to meet me at CC’s Tavern (formerly Big Kahuna’s) for some lunch. I’ve known owners John and Denise Hurd as long as I’ve worked here in Auburn, NY going on five years. One thing I know about the Hurds: They are real stand-up people, and they do quite a lot for our community.

John has actually participated in our healthy burger competition several times. His turkey burger with pineapple jalapeño sauce, chipotle mayonnaise and asiago cheese was the runner-up twice and arguably, in my opinion, should have won. But alas, I wasn’t the judge.

So Rick and I go into CC’s, and are amazed as we enter the new eatery. Wow! Beautiful hardwoods, booths, tables, a friendly, smiling staff, and the aroma of great food. CC’s has a truly warm, inviting atmosphere. The remodel is gorgeous, and I tip my hat to the Hurds — the place is spectacular looking!

John greeted us with a big smile, and I could see how proud he was of his place. He should be. The before and after construction reminded me of  the reality restaurant show “Restaurant: Impossible.” I’m thinking to myself, “Man, if his food is as good as the place looks, he’s got himself a winner here.”

I knew exactly what I wanted. There it was: the turkey burger. My mouth started to water. I also ordered the chili and the collard greens. Rick ordered the Cuban panini, chicken Caesar salad, and the mac and cheese.

OK, if you read my column on a regular basis, you know that healthy eating is all about choices and portion control. My mindset is always I’m going to order what I want, but I am going to watch my portions. Eat what you want, just watch your portions.

While we were waiting, I asked John how he can up with the name. The two C’s are actually John Hurd’s middle initials. They stand for Clifford Charles. John told me the slogan for the new eatery was “Come for the food, stay for the fun.” I liked it. John is a supporter of local music (thank you) and will continue to have live entertainment on Wednesdays and Fridays. He also told me they are planning for their grand opening with a ribbon cutting on Friday, Feb. 7, that will include wine tastings by Glendora, food samplings and much more.

CC’s menu is bold and unique from any other local Auburn eatery. It is characteristic of John’s personality: fun, daring and bold. He has great appetizers, from soft pretzel sticks to Buffalo chicken poppers. There are also soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers, grilled flat bread pizzas, fantastic side dishes (one side for $2.50; two for $4.50) a children’s menu and fried dough with hot raspberry and chocolate dipping sauce also fill the menu.

Our food was served. Time to get the feedbag on. Time to see if CC’s could deliver on taste. My turkey burger came looking so delicious and yummy. I bit into that sandwich and my eyes started rolling into the back of my head. The pineapple jalapeño salsa sauce is to die for! Just the right heat paired with the asiago cheese, chipotle mayonnaise and succulent turkey burger with tomato and lettuce on a bun. I may have to eat this every day. Clearly, one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had!

My collard greens came, and I could smell the smoky aroma of pork and bacon in the greens. Was I back at Fort Bragg, N.C., where I had some of the best barbecue ever? Let me tell you something: Those collard greens were the best I’ve ever tasted! Delicious, smoky and hearty. A wonderful side dish. Onondaga County might have the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que but, look out, Auburn has CC’s and he’s the new barbecue king here. You absolutely have to get the greens and turkey burger.

I next tried the chili. Another winner. Beautifully seasoned, with just the right heat this will take the chill out of any polar vortex. Another must. Apparently, my buddy Rick’s Cuban panini, mac and cheese and chicken Caesar salad was outstanding, too. All I heard out of Rick was pleasurable grunts with each bite he took. I don’t think he said two words to me while he was eating.

Look here: CC’s has some seriously great food there. John Hurd is not playing around. CC’s is serving up things you won’t typically see. The place looks beautiful, the staff is really friendly and the food — amazing! Get down there today. Tell ‘em Irv sent you.


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